Biosweep: an Answer to Property Decontamination in Tampa

If a home or business in Tampa experiences problems due to a wide range of contaminants, savvy property owners seek innovative solutions that work quickly and take care of the situation entirely and permanently. The resolution to property contamination also must be reached safely, achieving decontamination without exposing the inhabitants of a residence or the employees and customers of a business to harsh chemicals or toxic substances.

Property owners rely on Biosweep® of Southwest Florida for advanced technologies for surface decontamination in Tampa. Certified technicians provide a unique service employing cutting-edge equipment that eradicates surface bacteria and other hazardous foreign matter without the application of cleaning and disinfecting products that can lead to irritation and a range of additional side effects for individuals.

The Biosweep® procedure first uses a special portable machine that creates a phenomenon called photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO). All that is needed for this reaction is the oxygen and hydrogen already in the air; no additional chemicals are introduced. This Biosweep® Base Treatment produces simultaneous and interrelated oxidation processes that eliminate organic compounds that can cause harm to people in the vicinity. PCP use nanotechnology to manipulate and neutralize these hazardous substances at a molecular or atomic level.

During the treatment phase of decontamination, the affected space must be vacant, and only adequately clothed and protected Biosweep® certified workers can be present to operate the equipment. Although most treatments are complete after an hour, challenging contamination circumstances can extend the time the property must be evacuated for up to 12 hours. After the treatment wraps up, technicians verify that the purified trivalent oxygen and hydrogen peroxide produced to eradicate contaminants have reduced to safe levels. In practical terms, the building usually can be reoccupied in 45 minutes to an hour after treatment.

The Biosweep® Base Treatment clears air and surfaces of contaminants. Biosweep® Surface Defense Treatment expands upon the Base Treatment’s cleaning action by inhibiting the reintroduction of bacteria, airborne viruses, fungi, and irritating and hazardous fine particulate airborne and surface-settling fine particulates found in smoke, dust, aerosols, ash, fumes, pollen, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) including formaldehyde.

Biosweep® is most effective when contaminated debris, including mold growth and soot, have been removed from the affected areas. Once preliminary cleanup completes, the treatment begins. The efficacy of the Biosweep® system is backed by a 14-Day Guarantee.

Contaminated surfaces spread hazards and odors that make the quiet enjoyment of your home or business impossible. Contact Biosweep® of Southwest Florida at 813-936-1777 to explore what this unique technology can do for your Tampa property contamination issues.

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